More Info About Our 3 Styles

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Standard Panel Info:

Our Standard Log Home Balcony/ Staircase Panels are flat panels with a design cut out of it. The panel you will receive will be just as pictured. They are powder coated in a low gloss mini textured exterior black finish. Completely Weatherproof

Bordered Panel Info:

Our Bordered Metal Balcony Panels are our Standard Panels with a 3/16 X 2 inch flat metal welded perpendicular to the panel around the outside with screw holes placed along it's length and end plates for easy mounting. If you order a 30 X 60 bordered panel the overall height will be 30 inches the overall length will be 60 inches.

Easy Fit Railing Panels:

The Easy Fit rails add 2" of height to each panel. Our Easy Fit Railings arrive complete and ready to install between your posts. We use 1" x 2" inch rectangular steel tubing as your hand and toe rail 2 inch wide end plates with screw holes. The total height for a 30" panel when mounted 4 inches off the floor is 36 inches tall. The Easy Fit Railings can be custom ordered to almost any height or length.

Staircase Panels:

Our Staircase Panels are custom created for your size. These panels can also be done in the Bordered and Easy Fit style. Send us an email ( or give us a call to get a quote on your staircase job (731)-244-2442  

Standard Panels take about 1-2 weeks for delivery and Bordered and Easy fit panels take around 2-3 weeks

*excluding Alaska and Hawaii